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WordPress Websites Being Attacked Before The Holidays
By Julian Wilkison-Duran on November 19, 2020

This week Word-Fence, the leading Web Application Firewall (WAF) for WordPress sites, announced “Millions of WordPress sites hit in wide-ranging attack” ( Barclay Ballard,

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Holiday Readiness 2020
By Blue Triangle on November 5, 2020

2020 has been hard to navigate. Stay-at-home orders, social-distancing, and occupancy limits have affected the way we work, shop, and live. But we’re quickly approaching the holidays and...

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E-Commerce Horror Stories
By Blue Triangle on October 30, 2020

That's right folks, it's that spooky time of year again, and we here at Blue Triangle wanted to share some website tales from beyond the binary.

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Web Performance

Going on the Performance Budget Diet
By Blue Triangle on October 7, 2020

Finding balance Expectations for dynamic webpages, responsive design, and delightful experience have shaped the files used to build the modern web. While lovely images and clever...

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Marketing Analytics

Web Monitoring: What's in your SEO?
By Blue Triangle on September 30, 2020

Making it in global markets With industry and especially online business becoming increasingly global, commonalities are surfacing between continents, but we are also finding some...

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How Web Performance Impacts SEO: Part 2
By Kristina Ravensbergen on September 3, 2020

Why do performance + experience matter for SEO?  Performance is a key element in helping Google rank sites in search results. Google handles almost all Internet searches in the US, with...

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Anomaly Detection for Automating Site Monitoring
By Rachel Grant on August 26, 2020

Internet complexity impacts sites  When it comes to the web, the name of the game is innovation. Networking protocols, web availability, and even hardware for spreading the Internet from...

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Web Performance

How Web Performance Impacts SEO: Part 1
By Kristina Ravensbergen on August 11, 2020

Why does Lighthouse matter? Lighthouse is a critical, open-source tool used by web developers to benchmark their web applications and sites over time and to gauge how well they are...

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Web Performance DEM

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM): What it is and Why it's important
By Julian Wilkison-Duran on June 25, 2020

What is Digital Experience Monitoring and why do I need it? Digital Experience Monitoring analyzes and monitors the end-user experience with a web application. As control over user...

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Security Tag Governance

Part 3: How to Stop Piggy-back Tags
By Tricia Dunlap on June 5, 2020

Mitigating the Risk In this series, we’ve explored the legal and operational risks of piggy-back tags. We examined Equifax’s 2017 data breach caused by a supply chain attack and looked...

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