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Apple Outperforms Amazon, Walmart on Cyber Monday 2015

By Josh Carter on December, 2 2015
Josh Carter

Director of Marketing at Blue Triangle

As Blue Triangle's Director of Marketing, Josh enjoys sharing ways businesses can improve digital experience and revenue. He is also an avid swimmer, runner, cyclist and drummer.

Apple's online store performance topped that of every other top 10 internet retailer, including Amazon and Walmart. 

Cyber Monday sales rose 16 percent from last year, totaling $3.07 billion, and nearly half of all Black Friday weekend shoppers went online to make purchases. As the number of consumers shopping online increases, website performance will continue increase its relevance within the eCommerce space.

Blue Triangle continually collects multi-hour measurements from various US locations of every retailer within the Top 1000. Here is our analysis of the Internet Retailer Top 10 on Cyber Monday.

Website Performance

  • Apple's average page speed was 1.85 seconds, peaking at 2.32 seconds at 2pm EST.
  • The slowest retailer was Sears, which had an average page load time of 6.12 seconds, 3.3x Apple's! It peaked at 8 seconds at 7pm EST.
  • Home Depot was the second fastest retailer, averaging a 2.89 second page load time.
  • Walmart outperformed Amazon by over 1/5th of a second


Top 10 vs Top 1000

  • All together, the top 10 retailers were 19% slower than the top 1000 average.
  • Page speed peaked at 2:00pm EST for the top 10 retailers, and 4:00pm EST for the top 1000 retailers.
  • Page speed was fastest at 9:00am EST for the top 10, and at 6:00am EST for the top 1000.


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