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Julian Wilkison-Duran

I have been a full stack developer at Blue Triangle for a little over a year. Previously I worked in the government and healthcare sectors as a Scientist and Engineer.

Web Performance

How Function Tracing Can Help You Optimize Your Site
By Julian Wilkison-Duran on May 14, 2020

What else can I do to optimize my site? So you have optimized your images, cached your queries, and lazy loaded your page. But your load time and Time To Interactive are still slow. Now...

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What Kinds of Hacking Can a Content Security Policy Stop?
By Julian Wilkison-Duran on April 29, 2020

Myths and legends surround and sometimes obscure what a content security policy (CSP) is and how it can protect your website. The power of a CSP is noteworthy, but it is not an end-all...

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