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Cyber Monday 2015: Web Performance Analysis

By Josh Carter on December, 4 2015
Josh Carter

Director of Marketing at Blue Triangle

As Blue Triangle's Director of Marketing, Josh enjoys sharing ways businesses can improve digital experience and revenue. He is also an avid swimmer, runner, cyclist and drummer.

Blue Triangle continually monitors the Top 1000 US Internet Retailers to deliver industry-leading analysis on web performance. Below is our analysis of Cyber Monday. 


  • Date: 11/30/15 (Cyber Monday)
  • Internet Retailers Measured: 1,000
  • Sites Measured: 2,120
  • Measurements Times and Locations: Multi-Hour from various US locations
  • Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
  • Reported Metric: Geometric Mean
  • Industries are based on Internet Retailer's US Top 1000 List (2015)
Please Note: Each time stamp represents an hour's worth of measurements. For example: If page speed peaked at 6:00am, then page speed on average peaked between 6:00am - 6:59am.

Performance Overview

  • Average Page Speed: 3.53 seconds
  • Page Speed peaked at 3.71 seconds: 6:00am
  • Page Speed was lowest at 3.39 seconds: 9:00pm
  • Page Speed increased by 7.73% between 12:00am and 6:00am


Industry Overview

  • Jewelry retailers had the slowest average page speed: 4.49 seconds
  • Automotive Parts/Accessories retailers had the fastest average page speed: 2.84 seconds

 Cyber Monday vs Thanksgiving - Black Friday

  • Page speed increased by 6% between Thanksgiving - Black Friday and Cyber Monday (0.21 seconds).
  • Apparel retailers improved their average page speed by .14 seconds. This played a major role in their heightened industry ranking from last to 5th.
  • Peak page speed occurred 4 hours earlier on Cyber Monday.
  • Fastest page speed occurred 6 hours later on Cyber Monday.



Performance Matters

Performance directly impacts user experience and revenue. Here at Blue Triangle, we quantify where and how much page speed impacts online retailers. In fact, we've discovered over $300 million in revenue opportunity from performance improvements just this year.

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