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Cyber Monday 2018: The Fastest and Slowest Retail Websites

Shoppers are spending more online this holiday season than ever before: 

  • Thanksgiving Day: $3.70B (up 28%)
  • Black Friday: $6.22B (up 23.6%)
  • Cyber Monday: $7.9B (up 19.3%)

And unfortunately, many retailers couldn't handle the uptick in orders on Cyber Monday, leaving a plethora of frustrated shoppers.

J.Crew's outage on Black Friday is estimated to have cost the company over $700k in sales.

Site outages kill revenue. And while not as severe, slow websites do too. Notice how conversion rate decreases the slower the page loads:

Collectively, the top 500 eCommerce sites slowed down by 8% on average between Sunday 11/25 and Cyber Monday. The IBM Digital Analytics outage that caused slower page speeds for many of their customers on Black Friday happened again on Cyber Monday.

This report is based on Home Page measurements run by Blue Triangle's Synthetic Monitoring.

Rank the speeds of the Top 500 eCommerce sites Black Friday - Cyber Monday.

Page speed by vertical

Every retail vertical experienced slow-downs between Sunday 11/25 and Cyber Monday.

Major retailers

The nearly 7-second Victoria's Secret slow-down was due to the IBM Digital Analytics (formerly Coremetrics) outage that impacted their load time on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Who slowed down?

The sites in red indicate those impacted by the IBM Digital Analytics outage on Cyber Monday.

Who sped up?

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