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Holiday 2014: Website Performance Review [Infographic]

By Josh Carter on November, 10 2015
Josh Carter

Director of Marketing at Blue Triangle

As Blue Triangle's Director of Marketing, Josh enjoys sharing ways businesses can improve digital experience and revenue. He is also an avid swimmer, runner, cyclist and drummer.

We analyzed the 2014 holiday season to show how page speed impacted online retailers. We looked at 4 sites in particular, including clothing, yoga, and sporting goods retailers. 

The Rundown

Holiday 2014 eCommerce Site Performance Infographic

Key Takeaways

  • Conversion rates increased from 5.84% to 7.56% between an 8 second page load and a 2 second page load.
  • Nearly 50% of shoppers loaded pages within 4 seconds. 
  • Bounce rates were 12% at 2 sec load time, and reached 20% at an 8 sec load time. 
  • Average order value decreased by $12 between a 2 second page load and an 8 second page load. 
  • While conversion rates were highest at 2 seconds, sales were highest at a 3 second page load.

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