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Connecting Web Performance to Revenue - What Makes Blue Triangle Cool

Web Performance

Recently we announced that Gartner included us in their Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce report, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share a few things that make Blue Triangle cool and unique within the web/digital performance space.

Background - Why We're Focused on Revenue

Before Tim Grant founded Blue Triangle in 2011, he was working at Keynote Systems (now Dynatrace), one of the largest performance monitoring companies in the world. There, his customers would always ask him: “Tim, if I improve site performance, what would that mean to my sales and conversions?”. No one could answer that question.

So what did Tim do? He set out to solve it.

It took a few years and over 1500 pots of coffee, but we are proud to be the first and only company to completely bridge the gap between performance and business KPIs. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty darn cool.

How We Connect Web Performance to Revenue

The genesis of our technology is the Business KPI vs. Page Speed Curve. The steeper the curves, the more sensitive shoppers are to performance. Here’s an example:

Now let’s simulate a 0.5 second improvement in page speed for this Product Detail page: 

For the customer, a 0.5 second speed improvement means:

  • 27% improvement in conversions
  • 3% improvement in average order value
  • 24% improvement in pages per session

With this data, our algorithm can accurately predict and attribute revenue to changes in performance. This is all done within the Blue Triangle Business Overview:

The Business Overview report can be accessed directly inside our online portal and is instantly available to all customers.

Making Changes - Seeing Results

With IT prioritized, our built-in real user monitoring (RUM) and synthetic monitoring solutions help teams quickly find and fix the issues impacting performance.

We add coolness to this exercise by offering consolidated/aggregate object-level & domain-level waterfalls. They provide an under-the-hood look at any given web page.

You’ve probably seen something like this before, perhaps on WebPageTest or most other performance tools. But what makes ours cool and actionable is that they can be generated based on hundreds or even thousands of sessions all at once instead of just one session. So if you see a poor performing object or 3rd party tag, it is actually a problem - not some isolated incident. Best of all, we tie all this back to revenue.

What makes this even cooler is that this analysis can be filtered by device type, geography, browser, and OS.

Using Revenue to Prioritize Initiatives

By now, everyone knows that better web/digital performance means higher sales and conversions. That’s a no brainer. Understanding what that means for your unique business is a completely different story.

What would happen to your business KPIs if you improved the speed of your home page by 0.5 seconds? What about your product pages? These are questions Blue Triangle can answer so you can prioritize your digital strategy.

The good news is that it doesn’t stop there. Our technology can then help you improve speed quickly and then tie improvements back to revenue.

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